T-shirt Sir?

It had been a long hot day at Angkor Wat and our driver was not c0-operating. You see when Pat and I had booked a Tut Tut tour of Angkor he and I had assumed the tour of the floating village was included in the price. That as it turned out was not the case. So as I tried to convince our driver to take us to another temple, a crowed of peddlers descended upon our Tut Tut like a hoard of hungry zombies.

As the crowd grew larger, my conversation with the driver went something like this:
Me, "So I would like to go here."
Driver, "No that is to far."
Peddler, "T-shirt sir?"
Me, "No thank you. Come on, look at the map, its not that far?"
Driver, "No no too far."
Peddler, "T-shirt sir?"
Me, "No! Alright how about..."
Peddler, "T-shirt sir."
Me, "Uhhh come on lady."
Driver, "No, No I cannot go there either."
Me, "Well then how about we drive to the bank of the lake?"
Peddler, "T-shirt sir?"
Me, "Are you kidding me?"
Driver, "OK I can go there."
Me, "Thank god can we leave now?"
Peddler, "T-shirt sir?"
Driver, "OK."
Peddler, T-shirt sir?"

In the mean time unkown to us till that evening, Pat had been pick-pocketed by a mother and son team using the damn t-shirt lady as a distraction.


Nobody But Violet

Karaoke rooms, or noreabang's as they are known in Korea, are a staple in Asian culture. This video was taken during the goodbye party my school had for me. My student Violet performs the Wonder Girls hit song, "Nobody", while my coworker Alice provides the vocals.

For more info on the Wonder Girls: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Girls


Five Years

Its been five years since I graduated from university. Though I've had stints in construction and office work, for the majority of the time teaching English has put bread on the table.

Teaching English has enabled me the live in places that I used to dream about visiting while looking at National Geographics in my basement.

Now as I sit in my classroom, with four days of teaching left, another chapter is coming to a close. For the fifth time I will be saying goodbye to friends, breaking it off with a girlfriend, selling my motorcycle, packing my bags, working one last day, saying goodbye, and then getting on an airplane.

At 500 mph a new life will be flying towards me. Unknown friends, adventures, and jobs will be scattered across my destination. Yet with a wrong turn there and a converstation here, I will find them like items in a scavangers hunt.

Then with all the pieces in place once again, life will be comfortable. Well, at least for awhile.



Regular readers will know this Hyosung and I have had countless adventures over the past year. Whether they were spring rides through cherry blossom lined roads, a summer ride on the beach, fall rides through technicolor mountains, or chilly winter rides to work, without this motorcycle Korea would have been a rather dull place.

Though its sad to leave this old friend behind, its time to move on and give another rider the chance to experience all that Korea has to offer.

Potential Buyers: The Blog Archive to the right has videos from rides in October (Workasan and A Fleeting Masterpiece), September (Beach Ride and Alarming Alice), August (Ridding in the Ocean), and all of July's post's.

This is a rack that fits onto the back of the motorcycle as well as the motorcycles paper work.