Rainy Ride

Tokyo, Japan

My 公园 Friend


Four Hours and a Bicycle




Having been on my fare-share of strange dates, but Saturdays would top them all. It was not that I invited a strange girl to share an evening with me. Rather it was that I decided on a strange restaurant (izakaiya) to have a date in.

I can only imagine the amount on ink spilled on this location. The owner is at one moment normal and quite proficient at English, while at others stranger than words can describe.
This establishment was a mix of a house of horrors and a foreigner filled restaurant. Imagine dining, at one moment dining in a rather cheap restaurant. That’s right, it smells bad and the atmosphere is far from perfect. Yet then at some inaudible snap of the fingers you where transported into a dining establishment of a child’s mind.

For starters, the menu is written in crayon in a notebook with no description of the food or drinks that would be served. Rather the menu describes the diner’s state of mind. To elaborated on or possibly explain the vague menu, the chief puts on a rather bizarre and elicit puppet show that ended in the chef attempting to eat the puppet.

At one moment, my date and I would be seeing if we were on the same wavelength. Then without warning we would find ourselves at the mercy of a host that served beer in vibrating burping glasses and put on puppet shows which explained frightening new sexual constructs, such as Dino style.

My dear readers this place called Tokyo is stranger than you can imagine. And in spite of its well-worn condition, I give Kagawa and its host Five Stars.

Bellow you can see what happens when two ladies asked for their dinner to be served French Style. Chinese and British style were more amusing, but also a bit too vulger to be documented.


Evening View

The view from the balcony of my apartment.


Outside of Oji Park

Taken from a temple overlooking Nishi Nippori Station

A temple in Oji

From my front door after a rain storm.



Grilled stingray at a seafood restaurant in Ueno, Japan.