Toyota Fun Cargo

Being back in America has made me realize one funny thing, I am now used to driving on the left hand-side of the road. Though I have ended up driving on the wrong side of the road here in America a few times, luckily there were not any other cars around.

An Iguana In a Coat

In the park in front of Osaka Castle I saw a Japanese man sitting on a bench with an Iguana in a coat. After walking over to talk with him about his Iguana, the man offered to take some pictures of me with his pet. The Iguana was very well behaved. What else is there really to say?


Osaka 城

Balcony View

Ginowan, Japan


As the car turned out into traffic in front of me, I pulled back hard on the brakes. The back tire locked up and the cars bumper was the next place I was going to be. Letting off the brakes, I dove right, trying to make it around the car.
It was going to be close and I was going to hit the cars side-view mirror. Then there was a crash, followed by nothing. My eyes opened while I still sliding down the highway. Ahead was a tunnel and I began to wonder if I would slide all the way down there.
Darkness, but no pain. What was broken or missing? As I gently flexed and moved my body a strong pain came from my knee. Worried about lying in the road I crawled up onto the median. I needed to call someone to let someone know what had happened, but I could not remember anyones name or how to use my phone.
Strangly my knee was feeling better, so I got up to walk across the highway, while a Japanese man prostested and told me to sit down. Standing up I told him I was OK in Japanese and walked to the other side of the street.
Before long I was in the emergency room, my memory had returned, and the knee was just a little swollen and cut up. Yet another close call and another of my 9 lives spent; I wonder how many I have left.


These shots were the result of my friends and I messing around with my new camera on a night off.