Penguin Bar

In Naha City there is a bar where the drinks are good, all be it expensive and every 2 hours you get to feed the 3 resident penguins fish.

Sunabe Seawall 2

It was low tide with mildly ruff break. Going out was alright, as we timed it right. However coming back in my friend and I got pounded at the break. Luckily I was in a small channel when we started getting hit with a triple set of waves. My friend on the other hand ended up getting tossed up on the coral, narrowly missing a sea urchin.


Sunabe Sea Wall 1

Okinawa, Japan


Cape Zanpa

Cape Zanpa, Okinawa

Urasoe Hall

Urasoe, Okinawa

Yabuchi Island

Here are two varieties of edible seaweed that were growing on the coast of Yabuchi Island.

Jyane Cave

This cave is located on Yabuchi Island, Okinawa. The lower section of the cave dead ends fairly quickly. However there is a hidden staircase that leads to an upper section of the cave. After climbing the hidden staircase and climbing through some very narrow openings, the upper area of the cave opens up into a medium size cavern which houses a shrine.
There is another narrow opening behind the shrine, which opens up into a large cavern that is home to a few bats and a number of beautiful rock formations. This area of the cave is the hardest to reach and as a result is in the best shape.
This cave complex is considered a burial site and a holy place. As I was leaving the cave, I came across a couple of Okinawan's at the mouth of the cave performing some ancestor worship. Overall the site is in good condition. Please keep mind this is a sacred site and should be treated as such.


2011 First Snorkle

The coral reef, just like a forest changes with the seasons. This time of year, since the water is colder, more algae grows . In the picture above there are several pieces of coral growing on a rock. While below algae grows on the broken pieces of coral that litter the ocean floor.

After inadvertently straying into a Merman's territory, it began a territorial display. Typically such a behavior is meant to assert dominance over the Merman's territory.