Onna Snorkel

Snowflake Eel

Blue Damsels and can you see the Porcupine Puffer fish hiding in the coral?

A sea-cucumber

Ikei Snorkle

A male sea urchin ready to breed: The white spines are actually filled with sperm.

Two clams dug deep into a rock.

A sea anemone with clown fish.

Butterfly Fish; Schooling Bannerfish

This Grouper was about a foot or so long and was hiding out under this rock at about 35 feet.

A type of coral


The Ikei Island Red Bridge

Ikei Island, Japan


Sunabe Sunset Snorkel

Mushroom Leather Coral
Can you see the Stone Fish? (hint: look for a fin) Turns out they are the most venomous fish in the world. I took this photo in about three feet of water in very choppy conditions. At one point the three feet of water I was in became about a foot and a half worth of water and I dropped rather close to this guy.

Sunabe Sunset

Okinawa, Japan


Tokashiki Island

Clown Fish and Sea Anomie
Lion Fish
Sea Cucumber
Banded Sea Krait (Sea Snake)
Tokashiki Island is said to have the 3rd clearest water in the world. I was out there 3 days after a typhoon, so the visibility had been affected.