Christmas Ride

This time around it had not rained all week, so unlike last week the KTM and I did get nearly stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

Not sure when this windmill's blade was ripped off, but I wish I'd been there to see it. 

Okinawa, Japan

Kashi no Ki

 Okinawa, Japan


Shah Bay

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Haikyo 廃墟

The Sunset View Inn. If you take a close look at the windows of the hotel (click on the picture), you will see that they have all been broken by years of typhoons
Lobby of the Sunset View Inn

The Sky Lounge Restaurant and Golden Shower. The kitchen of the restaurant still had cans of food on the shelves.

Even after being closed for 16 years, the gift shop still had souvenirs left of the shelves. Luckily due to the remote location of this hotel it has remained relatively free of vandalism. I only spent about 30 minutes running around the hotel, but everywhere I went it looked like the hotel closed yesterday. In the laundry room there were still linens sitting in baskets to be washed and the banquet hall was set up for party.
Okinawa, Japan



Raw talent,

What is a 34% percent increase in business over last year? What is the best year in the past five years? What is the quickest rise to the top in company history?

Just a wave perhaps; one which was paddled onto at the right time. Yet when your wave surpasses almost everyone else's you have to wonder. The real question is what do you do from here? Keep ridding, head to the beach, or lose it all together.

It gets harder when you have learned all you can from your teachers. The wins become fewer and further between. The comfort of complacency begins to call. Its been a long trip here, you deserve a rest, begins to creep into your bones.

Even deeper within you begin to wonder how much further can you realistically push it; doubt and fear of loss being to set in. For there comes a point where everyone can go no further. We all have our limits and you start to fear that this is where your's lies.

Then your mind drifts, just for a moment, to that time you left your comfort zone. Beyond that safety net life was indeed harsher, but only for a moment, because while the winters were lean, the harvests were never richer.

And while the bounty never came without a cost, aptitude surely hastened the crops growth.  


Futenma Protesters

The protesters showed up just before the Osprey's showed up Okinawa. Then two Navy guys raped a local and an Air force guy got drunk, broke into a house and beat up a 14 year old boy and the protests got larger.
Okinawa, Japan   

Freedom Tower

New York, New York


Un Island

Un Island is not connected to Tokashiki, so the only way to reach it is by boat or as I did, jumping in the ocean and swimming out to it. 

The island is complete uninhabited, but does contain the Aharen Point Light house.

Un Island, Okinawa

Tokashiki Island

Tokashiki Island is one of largest islands in the Kerama Island chain. However because it is so mountainous it is rather sparsely populated.

The main road that runs from the port to the Southern end of the island, cuts along the uninhabited mountains and offers stunning views of the ocean. 

The top of Mt. Akama offers a spectacular view of the surround islands and ocean.

Tokashiki Island, Okinawa 

Gusuku Island

This island lies off of the coast of Tokashiki Island. When the tide is low you can walk on the coral from Tokashiki to Gusuku.

The island itself is little more than a big rock sticking out of the ocean. Its main inhabitants are hermit crabs, crows, and these interesting crabs with red eyes. If you click on this picture you will be able to see that this crab is actually missing its right eye. 

Gusuku Island, Okinawa



This was a species of Shore Crab that seems to have evolved to live in the cave. Normally these crabs do not have the collection of hair on the pinches that this one has. The crab likely uses these hairs to capture edible particles in the water.

The high humidity in the cave combined with total darkness made taking a decent picture very difficult. Had my larger light not run out of battery's, these pictures likely would have turned out better.
To give you a sense of scale. This cavern was only about 3 feet high. I had to climb on my hands and feet through the water to advance further.

After being in the cave for about 30 minutes the confined space and thick air started to play tricks with my mind and began to induce a creeping feeling of panic. 
Having made it to the back of the cave, I figured it was time to turn around, which I did

Ginowan, Okinawa 


Long-Tailed White-toothed Shrew

These shrews are nearly blind and let out a very shrill shriek when you get to close to them. I have been trying to catch one for awhile, but they always seem to jump down their hole just before I grab them.

This shrew was out in broad daylight running along a wall. So using my computer I blocked its path and then pinned it down with my sunglasses. I was surprised by how sharp its teeth were. It put up a pretty good fight before it got tired out and it decided to play dead. At that point I picked it up and put it on my computer for this picture.

Okinawa, Japan


Vail, Colorado 


River Treking

There is something about being alone out in the middle of the jungle. 

Nago, Japan 

Tadake Falls

Just a short river trek through the jungle and your here. Wanted to take better pictures, but my underwater camera had not arrived yet.

Nago, Okinawa

Afuiwa Island

This tiny island is a short swim from Tsuken Island. The only really accessible part of Afuiwa Island is this beach which is inhabited a group of birds who were none to pleased to see me rise from the water.

Okinawa, Japan 

Tsuken Island

Okinawa, Japan