Ikei Island

Okinawa, Japan



The three islands that make up Mai-jima 

There is something about taking a deep breath and swimming down into the depths of the ocean. As you descend, fish appear out of no where and soon you are surround by life. Swimming among that life your body slowly begins to nag for a fresh breath of air. Then a slow creeping panic sets in, followed by a weak feeling in your limbs.

Descending upwards you can see the surface of the water, but at 30 feet down it sure seems a long ways away. Yet all you can do is gently kick your legs and wait for the surface to arrive.
I was wearing a weight belt, which enabled me to stand on the floor of the ocean without effort. Just after taking this picture I tried to touch one of the fish and the school rushed away from me, making a swoosh sound as they swam away in unison. 

 This clam was over a foot long

This grouper was over a foot long. Earlier in the day my friend Kenji found one that was over three feet long, but it quickly swam off before I had a chance to take a picture of it.

Okinawa, Japan



Okinawa, Japan