Gotanda, Japan



Chiba, Japan

MoboShot I

Tokyo/ Chiba, Japan


My Sunday Afternoon

The end to a season, the end to a harvest. A festival older than the United States itself and being here when it happened. 

Togoshi, Japan

Casa Jam

Togoshi, Shinagawa

The Medium

The hardest thing about losing a camera is learning how to use a new one. My first tough camera was swallowed by a Korea river. My second first saved my hip in a dubious scooter accident; which resulted in a cracked display screen. With a little super glue, the crack held for awhile, but finally gave way and let a tiny drop of ocean water inside. 

At before it happened, I knew that bringing this damaged camera into the ocean would likely result in its death. However I bought that camera to immerse it into environments that usually kill electronics; so its death was a noble one. 
So there I was camera-less. Yet in today's world we are never truly camera-less. In our phones and computers we typically have a camera. This is the medium I have turned to. The camera in my Motorola smart phone (yes they still make phones) is not a real camera. But I wonder what kind of photos it is capable of.

To be honest, I am a DSL hater. So many people get them, yet so few know how to use them. In my experience, someone who knows how to use their point and shoot can typically out-do their DSL shooting friends. Gasp if you must, but ABS and traction control most often out-do their human counterparts as well.
So there it is. The first in what may be a long line of pictures captured on my smart phone. Only time will tell how they all turn out.

Ofuna, Japan