Sun Upon Toyropolis

Sumitomo Fudosan Shibuya Garden Tower


 Takadanobaba Station, Tokyo
 Izumi Garden Tower, Roppongi

ANA Intercontinental

When you see the beauty of Tokyo from above everyday, seeing it with the automatic window washing machine in the frame makes you smile. Of all the blue sky mornings, you happen to be standing on the 34th floor of an exclusive hotel at 10:26AM when it passes.

While you did not wake-up there, you are about to pitch to a customer you will close there.

Its that moment in time where you and the prospect line up. A moment later and you would have missed one another. A moment earlier and you would have been too soon. Yet here and now you look one another in the eye and he"s buying what you are selling. 


Technical Limitations

Subtraction. Since leaving America nearly 10 years ago, the things controlling me have been reduced nearly down to what can be contained within my pockets. 

I still have piles of physical stuff both here and at home, but its value continues to outstrip its cost. While it has taken a decade. My identity is now intimately tied to only about what can be contained in a large suitcase; the rest continues to occupy my life merely as a commodity.

However tonight it became clear though while I wish to reduce my possessions further, the time has come to purchase a proper camera. For while my phone can do a lot, its camera leaves a great deal to be desired.  

2/2/2016- hindsight being 20/20 to hell with a better camera. 




The phone rings.

On the other line is a Filipino living in India selling investment property in Mumbai.
On the receiving line is an American living in Japan selling advertisement in Tokyo.

It would seem someone shook-up the earth and tossed everyone about.

Outside the Hatch

Nanpeidai Bldg., Toyopolis