Shuto Kōsoku Dōro

Traffic was light. After a day of ridding amid the mountains it was time to return home to Tokyo.

Crossing through the toll gate into Shinjuku the late afternoon sun cast a warm glow upon Toyropolis. The Phazer flew above the never ending sea of buildings along the elevated highway. Through the manmade canyon we soared.

Then the road dropped into a tunnel whose opening was in an old castle wall. The light dimmed and the road narrowed.

Up again into the city, this time Yoyogi parks green trees to the right and Shinjuku to my left. Where were all the cars? The entire highway was mine. The exit for Meguro. Soon I would have to exit. But not before I zipped above Gotanda and down into Togoshi.

Off the highway and onto Togoshi Ginza, which was closed to vehicle traffic for the weekend. Turning off the motorcycle, I dismounted and pushed the bike through the crowd. 45 minutes ago I had been deep in the curves of the Takosan. 10 minutes ago I was flying along the elevated highway above Tokyo.

The ultimate road, free of traffic, on a perfect day, with a bike that was running great. What a way to mark 10 years since I left home. 


As Seen From Outside and Above

Tokyo, Japan


Cyberpunk Tomorrow

Tokyo, Japan


Kanamara Matsuri

There are a lot of people, but do you see it?

No really it's there.

Oh yeah! And there was candy shaped the same.
6 foot penis strange, yes. People sucking on the same type of candy everywhere on the street. Well, lets just say it surprised even me.

Kawasaki, Japan