Tropical Christmas


Tumon Beach, Guam 


Guam, USA


Kelaguen Binadu: Deer Kelaguen

Kelaguen is a Chamorro dish from Guam and the Mariana Islands eaten as a side dish or as a main course. A pickling marinade of lemon juice, fresh coconut, green onions, salt and hot red chili peppers or donne dinanche is used to marinate cooked chicken, raw shrimp, fish, beef, or deer. With the exception of the cooked chicken, the acids in the marinade "cook" the raw shrimp, fish, beef, or deer instead of heat. It is served cold or at room temperature and eaten as is, over rice, or wrapped in a warm corn or flour tortilla. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelaguen


Marble Cave

A short hike through the jungle and a quick walk down into a cave puts you face to face with this perfect blue water. Put on your mask, dive down, and at the right time of day this is what you will see. 
Mangilao, Guam