Hard Rock Riviera Maya

 Puerto Aventuras, Mexico


Where We've Been

Shibuya Station, Tokyo

Back Again, But Not The Same

Shibuya Station, Tokyo

Mt. Fuji Over Tokyo

Cerulean Tower, Shibuya

Ongoing Conversation

Osaki, Tokyo 


Sunday Fun Day

Feeding the fish hot dogs at Gab Gab Beach made for great pictures. 
That was until the shark showed up.
Finally is dry enough to take the DRZ through Channel 10. The bike did an amazing job. 

Guam, USA



Tumon Beach, Guam

Alone In The Ocean At Night

After a batch of photos, you realize the exposure is too high. You change setting. It finally looks right. 
That perfect moment when the wave and the oceans surface are 60/40 on your lens.
You are laying on your belly in the surf. Its February and 75 degrees at nine o'clock at night. 
Tumon Beach, Guam


Floating Along

Tumon Beach, Guam 

From the sea

Something shot through the murky dark water and brushed hard against my leg as it flew by. 

Alone in the ocean at night again. This time only in a few feet of water close to the shore. What had hit my leg? There was no pain, so whatever it was must have been harmless. 

This water was impossible to photograph fish in. The hot dogs were not working. It was nothing but murky water and sand. Guess it was time to go back to shore. 

Standing up in the surf two people are bending down at the break. It was the thing that hit my leg. Not sure why this fish swam out of the water and onto the shore, but here was a chance to capture a photograph of it. 
I snatched it from the shore. At first it held still. Then a burst and it was out of my hand. Picking it up I gave it to the person standing next to me. He looked at it and then showed it to his friend. There was some talk of turning it into keliguin and then the boys released the fish back into the ocean.  
All that remained of the fish were its scales on my hand. 

Tumon Beach, Guam