The Pool

Midtown Crossing, Omaha

Gravel at 75

Golden Pink Sunset. A white cloud races to the sky from behind. Close, but never catching up. 


Omaha, NE


Gene Leahy Pedestrian Mall

 Bluegills: Lepomis Macrochirus
First National Bank Tower

Omaha, NE

Stasiu's Urinals: Stanley's Northeast Bar Room

Standing 5-feet tall, these Victorian styled urinals are over a 100 years old and still function. Originally installed at the West Hotel, they were moved to Stasiu's Bar in 1940. When the bar was sold and then overhauled in 2010 the owners wisely kept the urinals.    

So, how much urine have these urinals processed? The average volume of a single urination is about 150 ml. On average, a public urinal is used between 40-120 times a day. Since these urinals have been in operation for about 36,525 days, together they have likely taken on about 438,300 liters of urine over their lifespan. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

American Toad: Anaxyrus Americanus

Clear Lake Iowa