Three Fires

Sokol Park, Omaha


Sokol Park, Nebraska



Fremont, NE

Humid Sunset

Omaha, Nebraska


Bridal Veil Falls & Charlie Tayler Water Wheel

Idaho Springs, Colorado 

Indian Scout

Before this weekend I'd ridden motorcycles in scores of counties, islands, and republics, but I'd never ridden a motorcycle on the roads of my home state. The Indian and I came together by chance. Eagle Rider was having a sale, which made their Indian's the cheapest to ride. It was an accidental perfect match. 

Before riding into Idaho Springs, I bombed up Mt. Evans. Even past 14,000 feet the Scout never hesitated. Coming back down Mt. Evans and into Idaho Springs the bikes Fox suspension turned the narrow mountain roads into a fast-paced, but control roller coaster ride.
Since I usually ride dual sport bikes, I had to take it down a dirt road. The fat tires and long wheel base enabled me to hammer it down up to Argo Mine without incident.
Coming back into the city I ran into traffic, so rather than sit I got off at 44th on rode till I hit Lakeside.
 It was time to take bike through North Denver.
Then in Rino.

The entire day the bike never let up on power. In fact I spent most of the day in 3rd gear hammering the bike through windy mountain roads. Indian has done a great job of delivering old school looks with a modern power plant. Yes, the suspension will destroy your back on the heavy bumps and the riding position is not the most comfortable for long rides. However you sacrifice this for instant power and amazing control in the corners.

Colorado, USA


Mount Rushmore National Monument

Keystone, South Dakota

Badlands National Park

 Woodhouse Toad (Anaxyrus Woodhousii)

South Dakota, USA

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

The visitor center
Minuteman Missile II (LGM-30). This intercontinental missile is capable of delivering an explosion with more power than all the bombs used in WWII combined.
 Security perimeter fence of the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility. 
This ranch house hiding in plain site served as the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility till the 1990's. 
Common room of the launch control facility. 
 The 8-ton blast door located 30-feet underground the facility. 
 Entrance to the underground launch facility through 4-feet of concrete. 
 One of the two control stations in the capsule. 
Launch was just two key-turns away. 

Philip, South Dakota 

The Prairie

 The Old Deadwood Trail
 The Old Deadwood Trail
South Dakota, USA

South Dakota Capitol Building

Pierre, South Dakota

Corn Palace

Mitchell, South Dakota