Local Man

Omaha, NE

Sunday Fun Day

Nebraska, Middle America 



First National Bank Tower

Omaha, NE

Happy Jack Chalk Mine

The mine was dug back in the 1920's using black powered and hand tools. It was one of the only reliable jobs during the Great Depression for the three men who mined the chalk. 
This is the northern most point that the Tricolored bat (Pipistrellus subflavus) has been seen. Currently this small population has not been affected by White Nose Syndrome.
Scotia, NE


Omaha, NE


Omaha, NE


Spring to Summer

Denver, CO 

A New Belgium Amber Sky

My last summer happened around 11;
Worked every one since then.

Gentrification has tinted the old macrocosm.

Denver summer afternoon.
Afternoon summer denver.

Denver, CO

Camera: LG-K camera phone
Lens: Whiskey Tumbler 
Filter: A New Belgium Fat Tire 
Subject: Denver Afternoon Sky