Epidemic B

The photographer has run off to Berkley.
The blogger has writers block.

BBQ anyone?

ill gains

The line stretched around the park and doubled back on itself; only a fool would have walked to the back. Taking a seat on a bench alongside the front of the line I waited for the line to move then stood up and slipped in among the families.
A ferry ride and an hour later my waywardness was rewarded with a gander up Lady Liberties robe through a glass celling, a postcard view of Manhattan, and time enough to visit Elise Island.
Returning to Manhattan that evening my weary body was replenished by a whole frog deep-fried with rice and a cool daft beer.
ribbit, ribbit


Dinner Down Under

A kangaroo and emu adorn the Australian coat of arms. Last night they adorned my plate in the company of lamb and barramundi.
Cooked medium rare the kangaroo was light with a tendered texture, while the emu carpaccio was tasty, but not memorable.


Uno firedog

On Wednesday the Coney Island hot dog eating contest lured me into ridding the train for an hour and a half to watch contestants gorge themselves on processed meat. After waiting in the crowd and jostling for a good spot for over an hour, the contest finally began. Revulsion quickly turned to amazement as Joey shoved whole hot dogs down, never stopping to chew. When the buns settled it looked like a tie with Joey and Takeru at 63 hot dogs each, but after the judges sifted through the fragments of bun and hot dogs on their plates Joey was declared the champion. If you are wondering what the calorie, salt, and fat content of 66 hot dogs adds up to just look bellow…No a little lower.

Proceeding my voyeuristic adventure my old roommate Bob found me and we ventured over to his picnic. There a number of snacks were consumed and pleasant conversation was exchanged. After many of the guests left a heated game of Uno was ended by the rain; forcing the partygoers back into their own worlds.

Returning to planet Harlem I watched fireworks fly between the buildings and the police’s ill fated attempts to quell the madness. But with work the next day I slipped off to bed early having enjoyed my first 4th of July in nearly three years.


In Sheep Meadow,
A skirt clad buxom blond lay casually upon the soft green grass.

Wandering eyes moved up her unfastened legs,
Into the depths of an open skirt.

Meeting no colored cotton, rayon, or silk within,
The ogle averted in amused shock.



Sixty-six hot dogs without the bun contain approximately:
18,480 Calories
9,900 Calories from Fat
1,980% Sodium
1,980% Saturated Fat
1,716% Total Fat
528% Iron

Including the bun the numbers add up to:
36,168 Calories
11,880 Calories from Fat
3,234% Sodium
2,310% Saturated Fat
2,046% Total Fat
528% Iron

Based on a diet of 2,000 calories a day, sixty-six hot dogs could technically feed eighteen people.

On Coney Island sixty-six hot dogs forced their way into the belly of Joey Chestnut, setting a new world record and beating Takeru Kobayashi’s ingestion of 63 hot dogs.
The Americans have relinquished the title from the Japanese for the first time in 7 years, congratulations Joey?