Tumble Weed

A lot of nothing has blown through this New York life over the past month. First I had a stint in ad sales, which provided a great deal of insight into the world of telemarketing as well a killer view of the bay. From there the trade winds directed me to a bar where a freak show had taken up residence. There while sipping glowing toxic cocktails, I watched a man hammer nails into his nose while standing on a bed of shrieking lingerie clad rubber chickens.

Attempting to double my money I spent the following evening with the son of the worlds foremost UFO-oligist. In a nutshell he told me, the aliens are already here and they are going to take control of the earth in five to ten years. The upside to all of this is that the aliens are not violent, so the take over should be nice enough and there is some sort of new mind power, which we all possess to some extent that will be revealed to us when they take over.

Now as cooler weather and grey skies hang overhead, I begin my third job in New York as an Executive Assistant. The job is as comfortable as an old easy chair and leaves me ample time to contemplate where nostril nails and burlesque chickens fall into the alien’s master plan.


A Moment In Time

Two drummers and a family step onto the 3 train together.

After a mediocre jam session one of the drummers walks around the train collecting money. For seemingly no reason he then intentionally incites an elongated argument with one the of the passengers. The argument grows and their voices become louder. Before long some of the passengers begin yelling at the drummer to stop and a little girl begins to cry, causing her mother to join in the frenzy. The train pulls into the station and they all get off. New passengers step on and the incident is forgotten or unknown to all but those who remain on the train.