A Sunday Ride

Its always fun to operate a camera with one hand, while driving a motorcycle in traffic and through a curve with your other.

The other riders are my friends James and Wendy.

The beef over beef

Though things have now settled down, for the past month or so across South Korea there have been a number of candle light vigils protesting the South Korean governments plan to import US beef over 30 months old. After a number of rallies and protests similar to this one the South Korean government renegotiated the free trade agreement with the US to ensure that no beef over 30 months old would be imported.


North Korean Karaoke


“La la they are calling me a good female worker!”

“They are calling me a good female worker!”


“Oh friends lets sing together.”

“Why do you put the whole world in that belief?”

“True friends (comrades) that belief is my truth forever."



Being awoken by a phone call at 6:00 AM is a nuisance. Being awoken by a video call at 6:00 AM from a waiter you met the night before is downright creepy.

The evening before as James and I dined on live octopus, the waiter had tried to make friends with me. Though I am not averse to making new friends, I only have one mouth that at the moment it was preoccupied with trying to tear, rip, and incapacitate a living animal that was hell bend on choking me. Hoping to regain an air of peace and safety, I gave the waiter my phone number and assumed he would never call me.

Needless to say I underestimated the waiters desire to continue our conversation. In spite of me ignoring his video calls, the waiter called me twice a day for five days straight. Luckily, on the sixth day a Korean friend of mine was around when the waiter called and with a few harsh words from this friend the calls finally ended.


Beating the Rain

This comes from a ride James and another Korean buddy of mine did Saturday afternoon.