Back Alley Bicycle Taxi

A ride through one of Beijing's disappearing hutong's.

My driver was a 63 year old man, who insisted on showing off his virility at a traffic light by hitting himself in the face several times. Since he did not speak any English he explained the sights of Beijing we rode past via an amusing set of sign language.


Crater Run

It had taken nearly three hours to reach to summit of Hallasan. Now that I had climbed the tallest mountain in South Korea, I had new goal in mind: make it down to crater lake at the volcanoes center.
Knowing that the crater lake was off limits and under the watch of Korean Park Services, I made my way to a seclude area on the summit and quickly began my decent into the crater.

As I neared the crater lake a Park Ranger caught sight of me and began running down the crater after me. Fortunately my head start left me with enough time to make it down to the lake. With the few stolen moments that I had, I sat on the banks of the lake and enjoyed its cool water in my hands. Above me the ring of the volcano stretched out into a cool blue sky.
It was time to go.

As I made my way out of the crater, the Park Ranger caught up with me and gave me a tongue-lashing and another get out jail free card.

Jeju Island, South Korea


Ridding in the Ocean

This road sits on a tidal mud plane and connects Jebudo island with mainland Korea. The road is only passable for about 18 hours a day, while the tide was out. During high tide the road is covered by the ocean.

Definitely one of the cooler roads I have ever rode on.