Bigfoot with a Broom

Bukit Lawang, Indonesia. At the Gunung Leuser rehabilitation center the orangutans like to help out with the chores.

Doggy Bag

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some readers!

This video was taken during a pig hunt in Indoniesa. Since the hunters were all Muslum they did not want any of the meat, so they let the dogs tear the pig apart. To catch this pigs the hunters would stand on either side of a valley with their dogs. Then a few men and dogs would go into one end of the valley to flush the pig out. Once the pig was found, one of the hunters would shoot a gun to let the dogs know where the pig was. At the sound the rife we would let the dogs go and then wait for them to corner the pig. When the dogs finally caught the pig, this was the result.

Plant Action

Travis pointed this plant out to me after we stopped to watch people make mud bricks.

Jungle Music

Your on your way to a temple shrowded in the jungle, when you begin to hear music.


Finding the Equator

When you look at nearly any globe or map of the world the Equator is clearly defined, so one would assume it would be easy to find. Then again things usually tend to be different on the ground.

Finding ourselves without a globe, map, or the Indonesian word for Equator, Travis and I found this monument, located in the middle of nowhere, rather difficult to find. In fact about two hours into looking for this imaginary line, Travis suggested that we start flushing toilets to determine which hemisphere we were

Toilets aside, with the help of a number of kind locals Travis and I found the equator, took a several goofy pictures, and then made for the closest shady spot to escape the boiling midday sun.


Downtown Padang

As the afternoon call to prayer filled the air, I sat drinking a Coca Cola in a busy back alley. In the mango tree above a man threw fresh mango's to a women below. When her hands were full of mango's the women took to dodging the mango's, which splattered at her feet.

Walking round the roundabout, I saw an infant playing in the gutter. A policeman caught sight of the little girl and called out to her mother to fetch her from the street. With a vacant gaze the mother remained sitting on the sidewalk, while the policeman pulled the child from the street.


Mother and Child

After a day of ridding to the equator and back, Travis and I pulled back into town to return our rented motor scooters. At the restaurant where we had rented them, we got into a rather interesting conversation with the owner, Mr. Porcupine, that somehow spiraled into him offering to sell us a tigers tooth, a tigers claw, and other assorted jewelry made from porcupine and ant eater.

Being offered these exotic animal parts made me wonder if he had any exotic meat. Much to my dismay he did not have any ant eater, porcupine, or tiger meat. But then Mr. Porcupine reached under the bar and pulled out a large Tupperware contain. Inside the container was a deer fetus (deer embryo) soaked in banana brandy.

My eyes lit up when he offered to let me try some for free. After finishing the brandy, he told me he had some of the mothers meat in the back that he could make into a steak for about $4.50.
So there I sat by an ancient volcanic lake eating a jungle deer listening to Mr. Porcupine tell me tales of tigers and bears from his days as a jungle guide. It was truly an unforgettable day in the wilds of Indonesia.



After waiting two hours in line, I was able to watch this Indian gentleman performing the Val Kavadi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thaipus

The Middle of Some Where

Finding myself in places like is why I ride.


Cow Poke

Get on motorcycle with no idea where here and there are. Ride into the wind on roads that lead to places you've never been.

Stop and drink a fresh coconut, while watching pony carts trot down the road.

Turn down a dirt road, fly through a corn fields, then wipe out in the mud. Chase chickens and children up the road and you will finally find there.


Angkor Jam

With over a million people visiting Angkor Wat every year there is bound to be some traffic. Luckily our Tut tut Driver was willing to weave in and out of traffic to get ahead of the pack. Unfortunately a police officer was none to impressed with his driving and tried to make us wait. Our drivers response, weave around the police officer.

Siem Rep Market

This is the Old Market located in downtown Siem Rep, Cambodia.