Funny Face

Philippines Sea, Okinawa

The Fishes Sky

Part of the fun of buying something new for me is seeing how it works. Wondering what the surface tension of the water looked like from inside the water, my camera and I had some fun.

Found Nemo

A small Clown Fish in a Sea Anemone near Camp Hansen, Okinawa.



The entrance to the cave

The racks where bottles of Awamori were aged.

These pictures were taken at Kin-nisshu-do temple/ Awamori distillery in Kin Town, Okinawa. The fun thing about sticking a large amount of hard liquor underground is that the air slowly begins to have an alcohol percentage to it. This fact made my time down in the cave fun, but made coming back up the steep flight of stairs out of the cave rather dangerous.

Under the Sea

These are the first batch of underwater picture taken with my new
Olympus 8010 camera, taken near Futenma, Okinawa.

So Long Old Friend

After months of procrastination, I finally bought a new camera. While my new camera will take pictures underwater, work in the bitter cold, and survive a 6 foot drop, I will miss my old Sony Cybershot.

Though its a little ruff around the edges, the lens cover has stopped working, and the zoom works when it wants to, this camera has been my external memory for my trips around Asia.

RIP old friend.