Somehow II

There I sat as one girl played the piano, while another played a violin drinking a glass of whisky. Every girl in the place was wearing an evening gown and had their hair done up. While I had heard of hostess bars like this, being in one while my Japanese friends joked around was rather sureal.

Royal Hotel Okinawa

There is nothing more rewarding than finding an abandoned hotel in the middle of the mountains.
At the time my friend Cory and I found it we did not know its back story. After returning home I did some research and found that the hotel was financed by a rich business man and built over some haunted caves. After several of the construction works died in accidents during its construction, the project was stopped. Soon after that the business man ended up in an insane asylum.
The hotel, which was never completed, was intended to have a zoo inside of it as well. The buildings very odd floor plan and size make it a wild and rather scary place to run around. Though Okinawan's claim the building is haunted to this day, Cory and I did not encounter anything strange.


The road of life recently led me through an Okinawan themed hostess bar. There I danced with 70 year-old hostess and drank Awamori while listening to and watching excellent traditional Okinawan entertainment.