Southern Links

Somehow someway life threw me a set of free golf clubs. Then it led me to a free round of golf at one of Okinawa's best golf courses. There were only two problems:
1) I am terrible at golf.
2) I find it very hard to play 18 holes of golf and enjoy it. The sheer beauty of the location and the layout of the course was more than enough for me to have a good time. When that was coupled with three or so decent shots the entire thing actually became enjoyable.
Though I doubt golf will ever really be my thing, I figure if life gives you a set of clubs and some friends to play with, you might as well hit some balls and see where they go. Just keep in mind that if the course is narrow, you'll need a lot of balls.


Fukushu-en Park

This garden in Naha, Okinawa was based on a traditional Chinese garden. From what I have read on the internet the garden is similar to those found in Fuzhou China.


Nago Sakura

This video was taken on a mountain road outside of Nago.

Ryukyuan Religion

Every time I take a hike up a stream or a walk through the forest, I come across small shrines dedicated to Okinawa's earthly deity's. To understand what I am talking about, take a close look at the rocks in the center of this picture. The small rectangular rock amoung the leafs, is a rock box that is used to hold water. The rocks stacked above it is the shrine itself.

While its hard to tell from the picture above, this particular shrine was built under a rock outcrop in the middle of a stream.

Typically when one of these shrines are present, nearby there will be a small sacried cave that is protected by a small stone wall, which can be seen in the picture above. These small caves are used either as a burial place or are believed by local people to be home to spirts.

Guinness Milkshake

What happens when you mix Guinness beer, ice-cream, a splash of Baileys Irish Cream, and some chocolate syrup? You get a slightly odd tasting milkshake and a nice ending to lunch.

2006 KTM 640 LS Supermoto

Bike number 5
It was a pain to register, but is a joy to drive.