Squares of Cash

My salesmen with their winnings


Ie Island

The day started out at Motobu Ferry Port, where for about $40 I bought a round-trip ferry ticket for my motorcycle and I to Ie island.

The main landmark of Ie island is Mt. Gusuku, which a Japanese friend of mine said you could not climb.

So the first thing I did, was ride the motorcycle over to Mt. Gusuku to find a way to climb it. After driving halfway up the mountain, I found a trail and hiked up to the summit.

After descending from the mountain, I made my way to Ahasya Cave. Like many caves in Okinawa it was littered with old jars. Some of the jars appear to have held the cremated remains of the island inhabitants.

When I found a road that lead down to the beach, I attempted to ride my motorcycles on the beach. The sand was much softer than I had anticipated and soon I was stuck. After about a half an hour of pushing and pulling the motorcycle was off the beach and back on the road.

The main crop grown on Ie Island is tobacco. The mountain in the distance is Mt. Gusuku

After a great day of riding, I stopped on the side of the road to rest for a moment. Out of nowhere a wild animal attacked my motorcycle.

While the Easter Lilly's I had originally come to Ie island to see were not in bloom yet, the island provided a great afternoon of hiking, caving, and snorkeling.
Ie Island, Okinawa, Japan



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