Sesoko Hotel 廃虚

Sesoko Island, Okinawa


Sesoko Island Snorkel II

Sesoko Island, Okinawa

Coral Farming

While snorkeling off of Sesoko Island in Okinawa, I came across a coral farm.

The coral was grown on long metal pipes that were inserted into the ocean floor. The coral was a variety of sizes and types, however I am unsure whether this coral was being grown for conservation or economic reasons.

Sesoko Island Snorkel

Sesoko Island, Okinawa


Futenma Hanzai!

Back in May 15, 1972 the island of Okinawa reverted back to Japanese control. Ever since then every May 15th a Peace March is held to protest the US bases in Okinawa.
This particular march was shot on the back side of Futenma airbase at around 9:30 on Sunday morning. The protesters were chanting, "We are opposed to the base."

V8 Gecko

A common house gecko checking out a 2011 5.0 Ford Mustang's engine.


Anti Base Sentiment

With about 18% of Okinawa covered in US military bases, it makes sense that some people would be upset. Interestingly enough though, this is the only place in Okinawa where people openly demonstrate against the base on a daily basis. Since the road is very far from any real cities and the gates are not currently used the protesters are allowed to stay.

Aha Falls

Aha Falls or as it is also known, Tanaga-gumui is located in the North part of Okinawa. The water is dark black and rather mysterious looking. The pond used to be home to a species of freshwater shrimp that has now gone extinct.

A harvestman arachnid
Can you see the brown tree frog?

Epic Sandwich

The sandwich above was found on the Northern part of Okinawa's East Coast. It consisted of toasted white bread, tomatos, cucumbers, fried egg, and several slices of bologna, which was then topped off with a healthy dose of salad dressing.

The hardboiled egg had nothing to do with the sandwich. I complimented the owner on her epic sandwich and she gave me the egg for free.


East African Land Snail: Achatina Fulica

Otherwise known as the East African land snail, is an invasive species to Okinawa. They were introduced to the Pacific Islands by the American government during WWII as a food reserve for the troops.

In spite of it being an invasive species, the local hermit crabs have taken a liking to their shells. (see the picture in the previous post)

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Tree Frog

Ginowan, Okinawa

Coenobita Purpureus

Purple Land Hermit Crab in Ginowan, Okinawa