Colorado Snowshoe

Sedalia, Colorado


Traveling Man Retro: Boshintang

December 11, 2006;
Boshintang (dog) is a Korean delicacy that has gotten harder to find since Korea hosted the World Cup in 2002. Typically it is served as a spicy soup, however this particular restaurant also served it grilled. Boshintang is known for boosting male virility and is typically eaten during the cold winter months. It has a slightly gamy taste that could be likened to wild boar or free range pork. 

South Korea

Traveling Man Retro: NY City Red Line

April 26, 2007:
It was another rainy weekend and I was getting cabin fever. With little money, but lots of time and a camera I decided to take pictures of every 1,2,3 subway station from 168th to whenever it became boring. After 25 stops the project began to get boring, so it was time to head home. 

New York, New York




Canal Loop
Montelbaanstoren Tower
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
November 7, 2011



Umm... Is that Japanese women in a silk robe playing that brown baby emblazoned bass guitar with a katana?

Yes, she is playing that bass guitar with a sword while singing about all sorts of odd sexual things. To make matters stranger, she's looking me right in the eye every time she mentions a certain piece of the male anatomy.What could make this situation any stranger? Maybe a woman dressed up in a wolf costume playing the organ singing about old men touching young women on the train.

Oh wait, that ended up happening too.