River Treking

There is something about being alone out in the middle of the jungle. 

Nago, Japan 

Tadake Falls

Just a short river trek through the jungle and your here. Wanted to take better pictures, but my underwater camera had not arrived yet.

Nago, Okinawa

Afuiwa Island

This tiny island is a short swim from Tsuken Island. The only really accessible part of Afuiwa Island is this beach which is inhabited a group of birds who were none to pleased to see me rise from the water.

Okinawa, Japan 

Tsuken Island

Okinawa, Japan


Number 6

Bike number 6: 1999 Honda Steed. Repainted matte camo green by the last owner. Brought back from the dead by me. The Steed still needs some work, but with a running start you can get her started.