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Naha, Okinawa


2 Hours to See Izena Island

The view Izena-jima was not the greatest from the ferry because of the yearly dust that blows across Asia from the Gobi Desert in China.

As the ferry docked, inside the ferry's packed hull I snaked the KTM through the cars and trucks to the closed loading door. Due the the ferry schedule, I only had 2 hours to see the island before the ferry left again. The moment the door was barely down, I fired up the bike, caught some air off of the door and ripped onto the island:
The grave of King Sho En. Before he was king Sho En was forced to leave Izena Island and travel to Okinawa Island after he was accused of stealing water during a drought
 A statue of King Sho En in a park dedicated to him. 
 Northern Coast of Izena Island 
 Northern Coast of Izena Island 
Izena Island had little to no tourism, aside from the few people who'd come out to see King Sho En's grave. The ferry schedule also makes a day trip difficult. In spite of the time crunch, the KTM and I had a great time ripping around the entire island.
Izena-jima, Okinawa


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Okinawa, Japan