Old Delhi: 5/ 25/ 2013

Of all the days to forget my cameras memory stick, I chose this one... Luckily the camera had a tiny on board memory that enabled me to take 3 pictures. One did not turn out well, so I was let with two pictures from that day. 

New Delhi, India


Shinagawa, Japan

Kawasaki Sunday

Nakamise-dori Street
Daishi-koen Shinshu-en
 Daishi-koen Shinshu-en
 Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple
Myocho-ji Temple

Kanagawa, Japan


Kuala Lumpur Airport: 6/24/2013

This smoke traveled 213 from Sumatra, Indonesia and was still so thick you could smell it in the air.
Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia

Cairo Power Outage: 6/4/2013

Since revolution in Egypt, tourism has taken a serious dive. This in my opinion is the exact reason why you should visit Egypt now. Prices are low, people will fight for your business, and everyone is very intent on making a good impression. 

During my stay, one evening the power went out. Personally I enjoy taking pictures in very low light. Part of it is the skill of getting a point and shoot camera capture an image in low light, but most of it is the subtle colors that only a camera can catch. Whenever I look at shots I have taken at night,  the camera always catches something my eye missed. 

When the power went out, I went to a local cafe next to my hostel to smoke hookah. The cafe had a generator powering a few lights inside, which is where the light in the picture comes from. My favorite part of this picture is the red glow from the hookahs charcoal. 

The detail in this picture is much harder to make out, because there is so little light. Its actually the picture of a stairwells broken glass skylight. The yellowed light you see in the picture is from Cairo's  city lights refracting off of the clouds.
Cairo, Egypt


Dubai Marina

The afternoon lighting and haze in the air makes the Infinity Tower (middle building) look like I photoshopped it into this picture. The Infinity tower has a twist of 90 degrees and is the tallest high rise building with a 90 degree twist in the world.
Dubai, UAE 

Elevator: Egyptian Style

Cairo, Egypt 


Red Pyramid (North Pyramid)

 Red Pyramid
 The narrow 200 foot shaft that led to the inside of the pyramid. 
The corbel-vaulted ceiling of the main chamber. What does a pyramid smell like on the inside? Ammonia. My guide said the smell is a result of people peeing inside the pyramid and the lack of air circulation. Whatever the cause, it made staying inside the pyramid for too long rather uncomfortable.
Dahshur, Egypt

The Sphinx

Giza, Egpyt