Cyberpunk Tomorrow in Toyropolis

Shibuya, Japan


Mt. Fuji Under the Morning Moon

Togoshi, Shinagawa


Osaki, Tokyo

Gate City Osaki

Osaki, Tokyo


Falls End

Togoshi, Shinagawa

Toyropolis II

Photos like the first two are my favorite, because how did I ever find this place?

Its actually rather close to my house. However to find it, first I had to be at just the right place on the street below and looking up. Then I had to notice the cage sitting on the roof of the apartment building. Then somewhere in my brain I had to decide it was a good idea to try and get onto the roof of a random building.

Luckily the buildings entrance was open. This made the elevator trip to the roof the push of a button away. Then came the challenge, the gate was locked. There was no way to get inside the cage to take a good picture.

Then I noticed it. The gap between the bottom of the gate and the roof of the building was just shy of a foot. It was obscured by netting the same shade as the fence, but could easily be moved aside. Unsure of whether I would fit, I proceeded to pour myself through the gap using the logic that if my head could fit, the rest of me could too.

 Narrowly I made it under the fence; guess I am not that fat.