Cabras Island

Glass Breakwater, Guam


The Ride Home

Piti Heavy Fuel Diesel Powerplant (Most islands in the South Pacific use diesel to run their power plants)
Apra Port 

Piti, Guam


Slipping into the ocean alone at night

Slipping into the ocean alone at night. Whats out there? Will it eat me? There has to be a shark. In a word, fear. It consumes your mind.

At shallow depths, depending the moon, even without a light you can still see. Of course with one you can see more.

The ocean, just like the land has nocturnal creatures. So with a dive light and a point and shoot it was time to see if they could be captured.

Seems the equipment on hand was not suited to take pictures, so it was time to switch to video.

Swimming back to shore it was time to work with the natural light in the shallow water. 
The coolest thing about this picture is that the blur comes from the waves moving the water, which refracted light while the shutter was open.
Tumon Beach, Guam


Ritidian Point @ Sunset

Was heading back when this rainbow popped up in the clouds reflecting the sunset with a touch of rain. 

Dededo, Guam 


Tuesday on the Beach

This crab has eggs 
Coconut crabs with their favorite meal 
Banana Spider 
 Red Hermit Crab
Mangrove Monitor, about two feet long



TravelingManJoe Retro: Beijing Oylmpics

August 2008:
Something about watching a friend compete in the Summer Olympics right as the world economy was slipping down the tubes into the Great Ressesion

Seven years on and the stadium is a water park, the Olympian has a family, and I'm still traveling.

Guess some things never change.

Beijing, China


Day of Rest

This spot lies down a dirt road in Tumuning. Not sure what was here, but this broken railing and a staircase to the ocean are all that remain. 

 Nothing like a public shaming; look closer at that "warning" sign.
Tumuning & Agat, Guam


Tumon Beach

Underwater photography sometimes can be likened to taking a picture on a wet marble floor in hurricane force winds.

Today the tide was going out and the storm waves were small, but persistent. Surrounded by sharp coral and with little to nothing to hang on to in three feet of water I shot this picture higher than I wanted. However it turned out the best in the batch.

Tumon, Guam