Another Sunset

Tumon Beach, Guam

Adult Coconut Crab

Years of looking paid off last night. Finally was able to capture and photograph a small adult Coconut Crab.

Tumon, Guam


Ghost Crab/ Sand Crab

Tumon Beach, Guam 


Tumon, Guam


My Hotel Kitchen

This is what happens when you move into a resort hotel room and decide to live. Your kitchen becomes a bar-sink and a hot plate.

Would you believe I cook every night? Well not every, but more often than not I cook out of this kitchen. I am not talking about hot pockets and microwavable burritos. No, I am talking about meals. Take a closer look at that bowl. That’s squash with chicken underneath. Its seasoned in soy sauce and left to marinate for 5 mins. or so. After that you grab your fry pan, place it on-top of the bowl, turn it over and leave it on the hot plate at high heat. For how long you ask, until it almost starts to burn; you’ll smell it.

Then stir-fry it and it’s all done.

So what’s in my kitchen?
One small hot plate
One sink
Stupidly huge refrigerator  
A microwave
One set of chopsticks
One spoon
One knife- note the zip-tie holding it together, that's what you get for $2
One plastic cutting board
One Leatherman- for cutting limes for beer
One shot glass
One Martine shaker- usually used as a glass
One Red Robin metal cocktail glass
One bowl
Soap and sponge

Tumon, Guam


No Need For A Coat

Light-rainy-flurries. An eighty degree winter storm.

Winter in the tropics.

Foam-green-blue. A tropical ocean winter storm.

Winter in the tropics. 


Knee deep green in January

Down the service trail I rode. 

The younger me would have tried to storm through the stream bed. The older me saw the slight indentation and stopped. Yep, a muddy mess. Thankful I'm not stuck yet again. 

From where I took this picture, a banana spider wove her web between two trees. 

While she was small, her web was of storybook proportions. It made me wonder. In those early European forests, how large were the spiderwebs? How large were the spiders? 

Nimitz Hill, Guam 

Coco Joe

Duty Free Shop, Guam


The Pack

Yigo, down a narrow village road I ride alone. Quite, nothing but houses and trees under dim sodium lamps. Then a fork in the road. A right. The road narrows.

First a small dog. Then two larger dogs.

On my left! Three large dogs, all barking. Wait, three more ahead too?!

The road dead-ends. Three in front. Six behind.

I look ahead. Where was the alpha? Yes you, you with the mangy black coat. Lunge. Attack. I am waiting.

A lunge! A pop of the clutch and my bike lunges forward too. Surprised, my attacker falls back. Not a moment to spare. Turn the bike around.

They are regrouping. Charging up my rear. Here they come.

Loose rock road, let’s go!

An explosion of the throttle; my back-end kicks out. A volley of rocks rains back on the attackers.

Ahead, three more gearing up on my right side.

A narrow miss.

The road widens.

I've gotten away. 


Duty Free Shop

Can tell the Chinese and Russian economy has slowed. Even DFS is holding a 50% off sale.

Tumon, Guam


In January

Cold flakes on the ground
Flower peddles all around

Spring in January
Winter in January

Cold flakes on the ground
Flower peddles all around

Spring in January
Winter in January