Sunday Driver

Some time on the beach. 
Some time off the road. 
Some time with wheels afloat. 

Always with street tires alone. 

A Ride On The Sand

Nightly commute takes me past here every night. Yesterday was the first time I rode on the beach instead of the road. Think this is going to become a daily thing.

Piti, Guam  


Office Window View

Santa Rita, Guam


Piti Bomb Holes

 Scrawled Filefish, Broomtail Filefish, Scribbled Leatherjacket, Aluterus Scriptus
Piti, Guam


The Final Mile

This was the first test shot of the day. Was surprised how well it turned out. 

Ferocious Reef Crab / Red-eyed Reef Crab / Eriphia Ferox lived up to its name and put up a fierce battle when I caught it. Used my dive-light to distract the crab and once its claws got a grip, it refused to let go. Needless to say was happy my fingers stayed out of the way.

Laid down in the sand with the ants and hermit crabs and took a nap under the shade of a rock. 

Guam, USA

Between Two Worlds

Guam, USA


Talofofo Cave

Accessing the lower chamber of this cave was rather challenging. After finding the rear entrance to the cave in the jungle, I had to climb down a rope, which can be seen in the second picture. Its about a two to three story climb down. 

Talofofo Village, Guam