Guam, USA


 Gab Gab Beach, Guam

5 Feet From the Bottom

57-feet, Gab Gab


The Great Escape

Alone down this dirt trail you ride for the first time. This time its on Guam; six months ago it was the Philippines.
New ground and new terrain. 
The typhoon just came through. Knocked the leaves off all the trees. Feels like fall and spring. On the ground leaves, above the flowers bloom. 
Two seasons at once. All while the temperature remains a pleasant humid summer. 
Here we were on a new side of Leo Palace. A mildly technical trail, but not a dangerous one. But it was the end. Could have bush cut further. However some places and just fun to never reach. 
Back up the new road from this new trail. What a view. The island of Guam's slight curve is so fun to see from above. For a mind stuck in straight lines, see the curve below really allows you to seeing living shape of this island.

That view out towards Nimitz Hill and Channel 10.
 There are two waterfalls out there. Need to find out the names. Rainy season is coming. While they are dry now, a strong few days of rain will cure that.
Talofofo, Guam