Storm Waves

Upper Tumon, Guam

The Long Way Home

Hagatna, Guam


Number 10

2008 Kawasaki KLR. I'm the second owner, the first took excellent care of her. A little big and heavy for my taste, but it sure is comfortable to ride. 


Above the Falls

There was a hiccup there, a hiccup here. Figured it was just a clogged carburetor. Had just run the bike down to its reserve. Had just run the bike up a few rpms in 1st gear. Likely was the first time this 10-year old lightly ridden machine had been used; this phase would pass.

Several days later deep in the middle of the off-road no man’s land between Channel 10 and Leo Palace the illness had worsened. A deep choking had developed. Like a strong cough in the middle of winter, this was going to put us to bed. Only difference was there was no relief for miles.

The bike and I were over the worst part of the trail, but ahead creeped steep inclines. It was either make it out or push it out.

Up the red-trail we climbed. The bike and I pulling every horse and ounce of toque the gagging power plant would release.

 We made it out and back down to Navy. Had to truck the bike to the shop from there.

Then again, I’d could have been trapped.
Then again, I’d could have been lost.

Then again, I’d ridden too many old broken motorcycles.
A simple catastrophic electrical system failure was not nearly enough to trap Joe.