Gallagher at 71

Denver, CO

Summit Music Hall

Denver, CO

The Crab@Clam Bar

Keyboard Steve

Omaha, NE


MI 48242



Wi'll Inevitability

From the Red Haired postcard to the Toyropolis of the Dystopian Tropics from the Dendustrail landscape of the Cannapreneur

From the ones engulfed by indentured servitude, the rest run wild free

From the times of anti to canna a mix x and m decide the future of the tax, tech, fash, idae in 2,100.

From the generation of minimalist legalizing dont pee on seat cuz we all gotta poo vote in 2,090.


Ideologies Collateral

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd

Glitter & Gold

Las Vegas, Nevada

Slots A Fun

Las Vegas, NV

Fun A America

Slots A Fun, Las Vegas

Ready For My Next Adventure

A Heritage Budget View of the Vegas Circus held all elements of the best digital copy. 

Long Rectangle,
Rectangle Short. 

Look around: Your walls. Your Frames. Your Art. Short Rectangle. Rectangle Long. 

Fix that crooked frame. Space that nail. 

Simple Geometry
Simple Art 

Simple Thought 
Simple Expression 

Travelodge Las Vegas


Thompson's Manifest

Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Blue Dream

Harley guy, noise noise noise old man. Ugh, I'm not a "Harley Guy"

Heritage Softail Classic.

I've ridden the stable since joining the Eagle Rider Member Club.

Ugh noise noise noise. Why are you so addictive? What is it about a large, low revving, v-twin.

Then there is the riding position. A windshield? Old men use windshields and it makes the bike look ugly.

Image, vanity, fashion. Are your buying decisions strap-on?

Ride this bike rented stock for a day or two. Make sure there're all days.

If it doesn't fit in the saddle bags, its not coming. Camping? Prefer the cheap hotel.

Don't worry the Heritage is 750ish. Lock it up right. Yeah it is possible, but a pain and the generally uncool factor is the best anti-theft system on the market.

Noise noise noise ugH.

The Navya AAA Future Bus

US law requires all driverless vehicles to have a way for human-beings to drive (control) the vehicle. 
X-Box controller; the future of the automotive experience. As for that wreck, the truck backed into this little guy while it was stopped.

Amusing to think the first 100% autonomous vehicle accident in the US was the humans fault. Even more funny was the person who asked if the Future Bus was, "On a track".   

No, the future is not Disney Land magic. No, the future is a boring free bus.

Fremont St., Container Park

Seven Magic Mountains

Las Vegas, NV

Original Entrepreneurs

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

Lucky The Clown

Las Vegas, Nevada


That world and you never cooled back to the same.

The bubbles have faded.
The water has cooled.

A thousand bubbles wait for the water to boil. 

You returned to the full magnitude of a change that revealed itself. Whiffs of trips hint to change.

You have changed in a world that has remained the same. 

What can you say of a trip you embarked on alone? 


Dendustrial: NonArt

The line between digital reproduction and physical piece(s) you just paid currency for.
Purposely, the original kept from existing beyond the moment.
A story free to be told and retold over and over again; freely.
Image seen by accident.
Time by seen image.

The nonart we choose to keep only for our own.
The nonart we choose to share only for everyones own.

Having driven through the Bad Lands. Looked a Minute Man Nuclear Annihilation in the face. The Southern Dakota had shown me her artist side. 

non-land: https://travelingmanjoe.blogspot.com/2016/07/art-alley.html

An idea, an image. So radical, so well-done. Triggered, the trigger.


Zombie Crawl

It all happened so fast. Paper signs at bus stops: notice of cessation of service. The reason, zombies.  
It all happened so fast. Groceries at grocery stores sold, bought, horded. The reason, Zombies.
It all happened so fast. Priests in the streets, selling salvation. The reason, ZOMBIES. 
 It all happened so fast. Zombies playing music outside. The reason, ZOMBIE INVASION!
It all happened so fast. Zombies overrunning talks. The reason, BOULDER ZOMBIE INVASION!!!

Death To Fun!