A Camera Lens: Half Above, Half Below

Tulum, Mexico

What it takes

No fins. They were too much trouble to pack. Didn't want to bring an overhead bag; Frontier charges too much money. No. Rather I'd just take my computer bag. The thing had been around the world; it was time for Mexico.
Why isn't this camera focusing? Going to need a rock to keep me at the bottom and steady enough. Deep breath, lets go find that rock. 

It's a little light. Think it's best. About the weight I need. Remember, no fins. 

Holding onto a stalagmite. Its been almost a year. Find that place. That place in your mind that does not need to breath. Not forever. Just for a minute or two. 

Test dive. The rock is working well. Much easier to get to the bottom. That is the most important part. Don't fight the descent. Let it happen. It takes time to walk 15-25 feet. It will take time to swim down there. 
This rock will work. Turn on the camera, remember the flash keeps coming on unwantingly. Turn it off. 

Down we go. Good, but relax more next time. The bottom will come. 

What is going on. I cannot get the camera to focus. Need to work on the lighting. What does the camera want? Again, again, again. Why do all these suck. 
You are going to have to go all the way to the bottom, hold onto that rock, and then steady the camera on something. 

There we go. Been down here for 30 seconds. Its all starting to clear-up. That peace. That moment when you stay down without thinking of when you need to surface to breath. There you're calm. Of course. The shot finally comes out. 
The camera is turned off. Took that same breath again. Down, under, and didn't surface till my head met the light.  

Tulum, Mexico 

Grand Cenote

Tulum, Mexico


Nohoch Mul Pyramid


Cobá, Mexico

Antibacterial Paradise

Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hard Rock

The Romans had their English bathhouses. The Americans have their Mexican resorts.

All the comfort and trappings of American Imperial Democracy catered by a staff of "Bad Dudes".

Sitting at the beach side bar of this Engineering Marvel what will the architectural remnants be 1000 years from now? Likely not much? The entire place might be underwater.

Sitting at this beach side bar of this Amerocentric Marvel what will the political remnants be 1000 years from now? Much not likely? The entire world might be underwater.

All the comfort and trappings of Roman Imperial Democracy catered by a staff of "Barbarus Anglia"

Building stones were replaced by Opus Caementicium. Roman Concrete was replaced by sheet rock.

Puerto Aventuras, Mexico