The Tank Pool

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Plaza Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV

Lake Mead

 Backside of the Hoover Dam
Nevada, USA

Venus Pool Club

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

The Moon: Mr Chow Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Stratosphere Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV


The Grand Canal Shoppes

Las Vegas, NV

Neon Museum

Las Vegas, NV

Frankie's Tiki Room

Las Vegas, NV

Peppermill Fireside Lounge

Las Vegas, NV

High Roller

Paradise, Nevada

Biff Trump's Pleasure Palace

Of all the places I've traveled, Las Vegas has consistently been disappointing.

Everything is tax, taxed, and then retaxed (Nevada gets 45% of its tax revenue from tourist and casino taxes). This means everything you purchase tends to be double to triple its normal cost. Also, don't forget you then need to tip. 

Good luck finding your hotel room. We all know the casinos want you to get lost. While the Cosmopolitan is designed in a friendly manner, nearly every other casino resort on the strip is a nightmare to navigate. 

Then there's the people. Want to be surrounded by drunk bro's attempting to pull off a Hang Over style bachelor party? Well, Las Vagas delivers!

Is Vegas a disaster worth seeing once? 

Yeah. But if you really want to see Italian architecture, go to Italy. Want to party in an overwhelming place, go to Tokyo. 

You might think it would be more expensive. But a couple of $200 dinners here. A $300 bar tab there and suddenly going to the actual place costs about the same. 

Las Vegas, NV