Blue Dream

Harley guy, noise noise noise old man. Ugh, I'm not a "Harley Guy"

Heritage Softail Classic.

I've ridden the stable since joining the Eagle Rider Member Club.

Ugh noise noise noise. Why are you so addictive? What is it about a large, low revving, v-twin.

Then there is the riding position. A windshield? Old men use windshields and it makes the bike look ugly.

Image, vanity, fashion. Are your buying decisions strap-on?

Ride this bike rented stock for a day or two. Make sure there're all days.

If it doesn't fit in the saddle bags, its not coming. Camping? Prefer the cheap hotel.

Don't worry the Heritage is 750ish. Lock it up right. Yeah it is possible, but a pain and the generally uncool factor is the best anti-theft system on the market.

Noise noise noise ugH.

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