Finding It

While the search had been passive, it had taken 2-months. Phylum Cnidaria, or Coral proved hard to find in the murky waters of Singapore. With visibility no better than 30cm on Singapore and Pulau Ubin, seeing anything underwater had been nearly impossible.

However a combination of sunny weather and a light currently, along with persistence finally rewarded my effort. While swimming back from Kusu Island to Lazarus Island, a faint flash of coral peered from the depths back at me. With a deep breath, I dove down. There it was, the underwater landscape I’d hoped to photograph before leaving Singapore.     

Like all unspoiled moments, it slipped away all too quickly. First the sun went behind a cloud. Then a boat sped through the channel. Visibility was ruined. It was time to swim back to the surface.   
Lazarus Island, Singapore

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