Ra Paulette's “Windows of the Earth” cave

What drives a man to carve orientate sandstone caves alone in the desert for his entire adult life? 

It began with Ra Paulette's goal of healing his fellow Vietnam War Vets PTSD through tranquility. His first two caves were on public Bureau of Land Management land. Safety concerns arose and the state of New Mexico made him fill both in. 

Not willing to give up, Ra Paulette approached the owners of Rancho De San Juan with an idea. For $12 an hour, he would create a new cave. The owners accepted his offer. 
To start, he loaded hand-tools into a wheelbarrow and strapped it to his back like a tortoise shell. He then carried everything about 1/3 of a mile from the hotel to the dig site.
 For the next two years, he dug
Of the 14 caves Ra Paulette created in New Mexico, only this one open to the public. What is it like on the inside? Cool, bright, and tranquil. Most importantly, it is temporary. The sandstone is still shifting. The cave may last another 100 years or another 6-months; it is impossible to predict. 

Visit the website if you would like schedule a cave tour or book an overnight stay. Insider Tip: If you spend the night, the cave tour and breakfast are free. 

Ojo Caliente, NM

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