RETURN TO SENDER (Insufficient Postage): -Origin- *The Time Travel Mart*

Even Cyberpunk Tomorrow still spins on the dad-bod sphere.

Pocket-computers are cheap as Gamboy I’s at this point. A years’ worth of connect in region CentAsia is free with the right PI-share plan.

“They” were right, data was the new currency (funny how hard$ went out of style so quickly). Anyrate. Edge computing took it all back to the device. AI needed the data. You had it. Now they buy it. Rent still costs you. But connect, transfers, and half the time bodymovement is covered.

Programmatic was so Stone Age back in the Baby20s. Most data related activities are free. Targeting with opt-inPI knows I better than me. Shoot, GooTen knows what I want weeks before me.

I looking up weekend plans? What a waste of my time. GooTen has 3-lifetimes of things for me. Today the trouble is in choosing what to choose.

But how? SocialV. Your cores vote and you run with the pack. Funny how the children of right and left swipe marriages live entirely in that tenement now.

The BabyB’s got one thing right about M’s; we prioritize experiences over stuff.

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